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We’ve spent the last 9 years putting together the best team of analysts, data scientists, digital marketers and creative thinking techies led by over 35 years of leadership experience. Our clients love us and we have the results to prove it.
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Data Strategy

All companies collect data. The challenge is turning this into knowledge and action that improve results. Our senior consultants have over 10 years of experience in helping brands understand the mix of skills, technology and process which will allow you to join the data revolution.

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Marketing Technology (& Results!)

Not sure which stack to go with? Don’t worry you’re not alone. The Technology landscape has proliferated so much that it seems every vendor has the answer. Not only do DBi help choose the right solutions for you; we help implement, customise and utilise them so you get the results their sales team promised.

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Tag Management

Once upon a time, tag management was a way to speed up analytics implementations and get tags on your with less IT involvement. Now, if used correctly, it should act as the conduit of your business data. We develop bespoke data collection methods which ensure you have accurate, relevant date about your business, in the systems that need it.

Digital Analytics; Evolved

We grew up as a web analytics company so we know our data. Visibility across all channels is an essential for digital business success. We scope, design and implement analytics solutions which integrate site, app, CRM, call centre data, and other data sources so you have a full view of what’s going on. Not just on the website.

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Insights, Reporting & Dashboards

We tell the story behind your business data. Our analysis experts bring to life the raw numbers so that you know what has happened before, and what to do next. Using segmentation, visualisation and statistical analysis – our clients have the power to make decisions based on evidence, not intuition.

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Data Driven Personalisation

Experiences personalised to an individual user leads to a much more relevant online experience and makes the user much more likely to convert on your site. From personalised web and mobile experiences to responsive campaigns we are experts in creating automated, highly personalised experiences based on your data.

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Data Systems Integration & Management

With so many different silos of data, it is becoming harder for brands to reach people in a meaningful way. Display doesn’t talk to analytics. CRM does’t know that the CMS is saying and analytics ≠ search. We break down these walls so that your prospects and customers have a much more joined up experience and you see the true picture.

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Having the right skills is essential in developing an internal data driven culture and process that encourages informed decision making. As experts in the field we can provide highly tailored training to transform your teams and enable them to leverage data and generate meaningful insights for your organisation.

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